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A wonderful combination of mozzarella and cream. The name comes from the word burro, which means “butter”. Each ball is a bag of mozzarella filled with stuffing. Its homeland is the southern plateau of Murgia. Its history dates back to 1920. The recipe and the product came as a result of rural tradition, reprocessing, and surplus production. The leftover cheese and fillet are cooked and wrapped in mozzarella bags. The cheese is made from the milk and cream of cows and buffaloes in the regions of Apulia (Puglia), Campania (Campania), Basilicata (Basilicata).

The delicate creamy texture goes well with pizza, prosciutto, lettuce, caprese, rocket, avocado, legumes, beets, garlic, honey, lemons, melons, peaches and nuts.

At La Pizzeria, you will enjoy burrata with CAPRESE, BURRATA, TRE COLORI pizzas and TOMATO and CAPRESE BURRATA salads.

The process of making burrata


The milk is heated and rennet is added to it. The coagulated clot is then soaked in hot saltwater or whey.


The resulting mass is mixed and stretched in elastic strings, which is later formed into the required shape.


The heated balls form a bag that is filled with a mixture of cream and mozzarella.


The cheese, which is synonymous with southern Italy, especially Naples, is one of the most famous and popular Italian kinds of cheese. To this day, it is not entirely known who brought the buffaloes to Italy, the Hannibal Arabs or the Indians. The production of the cheese is supposed to date back to the XII century. It is supposed that the locals of a small town in the Campania region used to store milk in the buffalo stomach in cellars. Once, they seemed to forget the stored milk, and when they remembered it again, they found cheese in the shape of a ball with a soft curd mass inside instead of milk. Over time, the popular cheese spread to other parts of Italy and later around the world. Today, the best mozzarella is made in the Campania region. Today, mozzarella is made from both cow’s and buffalo’s milk, but buffalo is much more expensive because it is rarer. The cheese is snow-white, mild in taste, with a porcelain-like surface, and the dough is soft and elastic with low-fat content.

Gentle mozzarella is the main ingredient of our pizzas, as it goes perfectly with the other ingredients due to its texture and discrete taste.

The process of making mozzarella


The milk is boiled at a certain temperature. As the whey begins to separate, the content is constantly mixed, gradually forming a soft and sticky filata.


Later follows a process called “mozzatura,” after which the cheese was named. Cheesemakers form smooth balls with a lot of tenderness and love.


Mozzarella is then dipped in saline to maintain its freshness and softness.


Peeled tomatoes

At Mutti company, the producers are the guardians of the authentic taste of tomatoes. To preserve the natural properties of the tomatoes, they limit the time between the arrival of the tomatoes at the plant and their processing as much as possible. Tomatoes have been grown in Parma since 1899. Its exceptional taste is proof of the connection between man and the earth. The richness of this bond is revealed during the summer harvest. Taste the juiciness and aroma of tomatoes on our pizzas.



Some things need to stay a secret to make you enjoy them even more. We can only disclose that the selected dough, which took us several months to develop, needs one day and one night to rise. Topped with the best ingredients, it provides a real pizza experience.

Cortijo Suerte Alta olive oil

From the first day, our principle has been to offer you the best and highest quality products, which we implement in our culinary creations, i.e. complement our creative meals with them. One of them is the top Spanish extra virgin olive oil CORTIJO DE SUERTE ALTA, which has been an important accompaniment to our meals for many years. WHAT YOU WILL TASTE: “Intense fruit oil of green olives with notes of mint leaves, green almonds, tomato plants and citrus. It also has the flavour of germs of artichokes and fruits like apple and banana. It produces a sweet taste in the mouth, followed by bitterness as well as a spicy taste, balanced with almond flavour. It is complex, harmonious and balanced."


The Schweiger family brewery

From golden barley to the final product, it is produced under the same roof. Regional, traditional and high quality are the properties of the beer produced by the Schweiger family brewery. The connection with the Markt Schwaben region is not just a matter of honour: all the ingredients of the beer come from the surrounding area. Sustainability at Schweiger is therefore not a “trend” but a tradition that has been around for more than eight decades. “Slow Brewing” is a seal of quality held since 2013. The Seal is a speciality that only a few breweries receive. The award is subject to particularly strict standards. We can't think of a better companion to our pizzas.

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