La Pizzeria

A piece of Italy in the center of Maribor

You are most welcome, either for the first time or as our old guest.

We like simple things because they are the most beautiful and often involve all the senses. Our ambience combines the warmth of centuries-old Pohorje spruces with modern design and renovated famous buildings. It is sunny, spacious and relaxed. Like Van Gogh’s Cafe Terrace at Night, which excites, soothes and promises a special experience. Gastronomic, as well.

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We chose special flour from which we prepare the dough that needs one day and one night to rise, peeled tomatoes without water and selected mozzarella with just the right fat content.


How to take orders

Order your favorite pizzas by phone:
02 2345678 or 041 302 302.

Pick them up at our restaurant

Bon Appetit

Weekly Offer

Salad of the Week: Mixed leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, toasted chanterelles, pancetta, crushed walnuts, dry prunes €14

Pizza of the week: Tomatoes, mozzarella, pancetta, chanterelles, spring onions, thyme, cherry tomatoes, burrata €15



Gift voucher

Gift voucher for a wonderful experience! Buying a gift voucher can be a positive message, an inspiration and a wonderful surprise.

* Gift voucher can be used in all units of Rožmarin Hospitality Group (RESTAVRACIJA ROŽMARIN, LA PIZZERIA,
STEAKHOUSE ROŽMARIN, POPER, HOTEL MARIBOR (accommodation and sauna) and at the SHOP (purchase of olive
and pumpkin oil, premium wines, champagne, cognac, rum, cured meat, glasses and much more!)



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